PEO Brokers

Small to Mid-Sized Employers (between 5-500 employees)


What is PEO?

PEO stands for Professional Employer Organization. It is a bundled solution of HR, Payroll, Benefits (Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Ins., 401k,) Risk & Compliance, and Workers Comp. 


Why PEO?

Most small to mid-sized businesses may not have the money or capacity to operate all of these functions in-house. PEO's also operate very effectively for companies with multi-state employees, as they help the business stay compliant with local city and state guidelines.

Also, as Ben noted, through co-employment, health coverage rates may be more competitive under the PEO umbrella, as opposed to shopping with a small 20 employee company in the open market. 


What does PickMyPEO do?

We consult with businesses and match them with their desired PEO partner. Depending on their needs and vision for their company, we will introduce them to three PEO's that fit their need. Once each PEO has provided their proposal, we will prepare side-by-side analysis, as well as a full consultation to help them make an informed decision. 


Why PickMyPEO?

  • Companies are not billed for our analysis, time, or expertise.

  • We SAVE companies up to 35% off of their PEO administrative costs, through our predetermined price negotiations. 

  • Set-up fees are waived (PEOs normally charge a set up fee anywhere between $2500-10,000)

  • We're a decision maker's best friend. why wouldn't you leverage us? :)

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